The 8-Week Strong, Fit, & Beautiful Jump Start Program


Is this YOU?
    • TIRED of dieting?
    • TIRED of gaining and losing the same 5 pounds?
    • SAD to see your body look the way it does?
    • FRUSTRATED that your efforts aren’t getting results?
    • SICK of being hungry?
    • OVER not knowing what diet to follow?
    • OVERWHELMED by too many options?
    • Just TIRED… as in exhausted physically and emotionally…
That was me…


Tiffiny FambroAbout 6 years ago I walked into the international consulting firm I was working for, went into my private corner office, closed the door and silently cried at my desk.

I was about 40 lbs. overweight and had no energy.

I was dealing with a very emotionally draining and stressful marriage.

And I had been flying out of town every week, for 6 months, living in hotel rooms Monday through Friday for my corporate job.

I was exhausted and depressed.  I knew something in my life had to change but was not sure what to do or where to begin.

You would not imagine the countless number of other women that I have talked to over the years with THE EXACT SAME STORY!  Women that share those feelings of being…

  • Unhealthy
  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed out
  • Constantly going to the doctor because of colds and viruses
  • Repeatedly trying and failing to lose weight or get on a healthy eating regimen
  • Suffering in silence from depression and anxiety

AND still doing their best to give 100% of their life to their family and careers!

Can You Relate?

As a woman I know how tough it can be to juggle a demanding career, family responsibilities and my own personal physical, mental and emotional health.  But I had to find a solution to taking back my power and care for myself.

  • Learning to eat nutritious foods that gave me energy and vitality.
  • Learning exercises that I could do whether at a gym or on the road.
  • Setting specific, measurable and achievable goals.
  • Learning strategies to help me cope through my anxiety and depression.
  • Understanding motivational techniques that I could easily incorporate into my life.
  • Surrounding myself with and learning from experienced coaches who had already accomplished what I was trying to achieve.
  • Identifying the changes, I needed to make to achieve my goals.
  • Tiffiny FambroMost important, implementing those small changes on a daily basis and staying consistent.

Now I wake feeling REFRESHED every day, I have a BODY THAT I LOVE and I have more SELF-CONFIDENCE AND EMOTIONAL STRENGTH to tackle life’s challenges!

From my experience I created a program that encompasses all that I learned over several years, to change my entire life.  Now I am sharing it with other women so that they can change their lives.  Let me help you change your life!

This program will give you the tools to create a FULL FITNESS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE plan!  It will help you

  • Learn how to find a fun physical activity that you can do anytime and anywhere.
  • See food as a way to fuel your body for energy, detoxification and optimal function.
  • Learn techniques to think clearer and make better decisions throughout your day.
  • Feel more motivated, stress free, positive and strong.
  • Have the energy to give more to your family, friends and career.

Not a Miracle Drug

Learn how to create a fitness and healthy lifestyle plan that you can maintain FOREVER!

Join the Build Body Wealth 8 Week Jump Start Program

8-Week Strong Fit Beautiful Jumpstart

  1. Weekly 1-on-1 coaching call with me!
  2. A simple nutritional meal plan guide for the working woman!
  3. Grocery shopping reference to help you quickly navigate the grocery store with ease.
  4. Goal setting worksheet to help you breakdown what you want to achieve in the program and in life!
  5. Access to my exclusive online exercise training dashboard for workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.
  6. E-booklets that give you easy recipes and snack options at home or on the road.
  7. Exercise planning log so you can easily keep up with your physical activity.
  8. Daily self-care inventory and meditation
  9. Change habits with my exclusive system! Measure your habits against your core values and start eliminating unhealthy behaviors so you can live your best life!
  10. Wheel of life reflective work and life balance planner to kickstart you into creating a more balanced lifestyle.
  11. Motivational list to give you various ideas on staying motivated and stimulating daily inspiration.
  12. A long-term maintenance planner that you can use daily to stay consistent with your goals.


You will ALSO get…

  1. In this program as soon as you sign up you will be able to create your own username and password to go into the program site whenever you choose. In the site you will have access to 8 weeks of modules that will guide you to living your best fitness and health life!
  2. And each week you will have a 30-minute coaching call with me to talk through your goals, go over your reflective homework, and answer any questions.
  3. Every week will focus on different levels that make up a wholistic fit and healthy lifestyle:
Healthy Eating

You will get access to recipes, shopping lists, and a planning guide to help you create meals that taste great and are still nutritious.

Week 1: Introduction Guides and Nutrition

This module introduces the program and gives you the essentials tools that you will need over the next 8 weeks to get started.  These tools include:

  • Build Body Wealth Healthy Eating Guide: this is a guide to explain the build body wealth eating philosophy. It gives step-by-step directions on how to create a meal plan that fits you based on your weight.  These flexible guidelines can be modified to fit your specific eating preferences and goals.
  • Access to the Build Body Wealth online training dashboard, Trainerize: The online training dashboard is an application that can be downloaded to your tablet or phone. In this app you will get access to a general full-body workout for each week of the program.  The workout will combine weights and cardio movement and optional modifications. It will also show works that don’t involve equipment in case you need a workout on the road.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet: to develop concrete fitness and health goals for the next 3 months.
  • Weight and Measurement Tracker: to keep up with your body stats (optional).
  • Grocery Shopping Guide: to help you understand how to maneuver the grocery store, tips on best foods to buy during various seasons of the year and various types of food group options that you can choose.

Week 2: Plan Ahead for Meals

This module on will build your understanding of the importance of planning your meals for the week ahead.  The tools it will include are:

  • Free Bonuses!The Healthy Snack Ideas guide to give you ideas for easy quick snacks on the road.
  • Smoothie and Juice Recipe Booklet: to add ideas for healthy smoothies and juices to your eating plan.
  • Healthy Recipes Booklet: pages of various types of recipes that you and your entire family will love.




Get 24-hour access to the Build Body Wealth personal training dashboard for exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere with and without equipment.

Also get tips on FUN activities that promote physical fitness.

Week 3: Exercise

This module discusses the importance of exercise and the various types of exercises you can do to keep you moving while having fun.  The tool included in this module are:

  • Exercise Planning Schedule Worksheet: to help you pinpoint a day and time to work out whether using the online dashboard or other options.

Negative stress can lead to long term detrimental effects such as chronic disease and mental degradation. In the 8-week jump start you will learn various stress reduction techniques to help you decompress and stay CALM.


Week 4: Stress Reduction

This module is dedicated to helping you learn how to relax and form a plan of taking care of yourself everyday.  The tools included are:

  • Daily Self Care Checklist: to give you ideas on how strategies you can incorporate in your life to calm your mind and focus on creating a joyful environment
  • Guided Meditation Exercise: a simple “I Am” meditation to quickly quiet the mind and motivate the spirit.

Week 5: Habit Change

This module focuses on understanding our personal habits and how we can modify them to make them work for us instead of against us.  The tools in this module are:

  • Transforming Habits and Routines Worksheet: to help you develop a habit change plan that will keep you in alignment with your goals
  • Values List Exercise: to bring you to a deeper awareness of what you value. Our values are what help us craft our lives.



Living a healthy and fit life includes learning how to stay MOTIVATED AND POSITIVE.  Learn strategies to keep feeling positive, balanced and focused while creating your healthy and fit lifestyle plan.

Week 6: Life Balance and Positivity

This module helps us to reflect on the aspects of our lives that are going really well and the aspects that we need to change or make better.  It also helps you to understand how to schedule more time to create more balance.  The tools in this module are:

  • Wheel of Life Template: exercise gives you eight main categories in every person’s life such health, family career, etc. This exercise helps you dig deeper into your satisfaction level of every aspect of your life.  It is meant to help you dig deeper into your awareness and make the changes necessary to have a more balanced and fulfilled existence.
  • Life Balance Action Steps Planner Sheet: this worksheet gives you a chance to write out the action steps you will take to improve items that you felt were lacking on the Wheel of Life Template.

Week 7: Motivation

This module is all about giving you the tools you need to wake up get and stay motivated for the day.  These tools are:

  • Motivation Checklist: this is a checklist that gives you motivational books, motivational YouTube links and motivational affirmations that you can use everyday to keep your motivated and inspired.

Week 8: Long-Term Maintenance and Final Assessment

This module summarizes everything that you have experienced over the last 8 weeks.  It also provides you with a daily planning tool to keep you focused on the action steps you will take to accomplish your 3-month goal.  The tool provided is the:

  • Long-term Maintenance Daily Planner Sheet: this sheet is a guide to help you think through your daily intentions for the main aspects of the program, fitness, nutrition and self-care.
  • 8-week Evaluation/Feedback Form: on this form I am asking for your feedback of the program and how it impacted your life.

  • Healthy Eating on the GoAccess to a private Facebook accountability group

The Busy People’s Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go – for when you need quick tips/reminders if eating healthy while on vacation or a work trip.

Being Healthy

Normally a program this comprehensive, with:

  • Fitness trainer
  • Nutrition plan/specialist
  • Coach
  • Accountability partner
  • Group support

Typically, would cost an upwards of $1500 per month.

However, I wanted to make this opportunity affordable for anyone who been wanting to get healthy, gain confidence, & ready to make a total change to their life.

So, I’ve priced the Strong, Fit & Beautiful 8- Week Jump Start to


Almost 55% less than the retail price!

Save $33 2 payments of $365 each
$697 $365.00
Pay Now Pay Now

Happy Client’s Raving About How I Changed Their Lives...

“The coaching calls were absolutely life changing and eye-opening. Tiffiny actually took time out of her day to sit down with me and offer real life solutions for helping me get started on my healthy lifestyle journey.

There were things that were preventing me from reaching my goals that had nothing to do with food or exercise and she pointed those things out and encouraged me to work on my inner self and the things that made me happy and fulfilled in the past. It was incredible!! Every day, I make sure I do something from my self-care list to take care of me!!! It is not easy but Tiffiny made me see that it is possible!!”

~ T.J.

"Tiffiny is an amazing person and her story is amazing! If you get the opportunity to work with her, you’ll love your experience!! Her tips and feedback are so helpful and easy to do!!"

~ Martha L.

“When I first started working with Tiffiny, I couldn’t even jog a mile! Now my goal is to jog in a 10k race.  During our coaching session, Tiffiny and I used the goal setting worksheet to create a race training plan that worked for me.

We specifically discussed the larger goal, then she helped me break it down into manageable pieces. Tiffiny has a talent for meeting people where they are in their journey.  In our sessions together, she brings a perfect mixture of understanding and motivation. She finds ways to push you to continue to get better without burnout or injury.

I remember when I first started, I was sore all of the time, and we talked about how that soreness was going to make me stronger. This was such a powerful reframing for me, that I could push myself to be uncomfortable, knowing that success was beyond my comfort zone.  Now I feel stronger physically and mentally.

I feel confident that I will get to the finish line of my 10k. Currently, I’m about 4 weeks into my 10k race training plan and still going strong. I’m jogging longer than I ever have in my life. 45 minutes! It’s not easy, but I’m so happy with how far I’ve come and can’t wait to see where I go!”

~ Carolyn  A.

Save $33 2 payments of $365 each
$697 $365.00
Pay Now Pay Now